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Corporate memberships

Modern City

We all know that health and fitness is good for us, not just physically, but mentally too. This is why we have created a corporate membership, allowing you and your staff to have the best possible physical and mental health

As an additional staff perk, your staff feel the benefit as well as you, that's right, its a win win.


Increased attendance

With exercise, staff attendance can increase by 89%

Job satisfaction

With the additional perk, combined with endorphins from exercise, your staffs job satisfaction increases.

Team building

Gym sessions are always better shared, with the option for classes to be used, this is a great way for teams to bond, allowing for a better work environment

Increased brain power

With all the extra endorphins making you feel better, brain power increases, allowing for a more productive staff member

Confidence and self esteem

Increases confidence and self esteem, giving you a more positive outlook 


Reduces risk of anxiety, allowing you to be more confident within yourself and the workplace

Positive mood

Creates a more positive mood, not only in work life, but outside life too!
Helping with productivity

Let's Work Together

Contact us today for more information on corporate memberships for you and your staff members:

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