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We’ve a large fully equipped free weights area with Dumbbells ranging from 2kg-50kg, Squats Racks, Benches, lots of cable machines including a large multi-station machine and a dedicated area for fixed resistance machines.  So whether you’re looking to tone up, build some strength or just keep fit then we have you covered.


  • Four configurations with a varying number of stations, 4-stack, 5-stack, 8-stack, and freestanding adjustable cable crossover
  • Each configuration contains one or more of the following popular gym exercises: low row with dual pulleys, lat pulldown with dual pulleys, adjustable cable column, and triceps pressdown
  • Low row and lat pulldown have dual pulley configurations for greater training variety
  • Designed so more than one of each station can be assembled in each 4-stack
  • 5-stack and 8-stack configurations come with a connecting cable crossover tube with integrated pull-up bar


Adjacent to our Free Weights area we have a fixed resistance machine area equipped with Matrix based equipment so you can perform a full body workout they're easy to pickup if you're new to the gym environment and make's it easy to isolate specific muscle groups due to the added stability offered.
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