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I-Motion Gym Rules and Regulations

  1. Membership Categories

    • Gym Only Contract – Access to all Gym areas, 24 Hour access and Sauna access. 12 Month Based Contract - No Classes

    • Gym Only None Contract – Access to all Gym areas, 24-hour access and Sauna access. *30 day rolling membership - No Classes

    • Max Membership Contract – As above, but includes access to all classes including live classes. 12 Month Based Contract

    • Max Membership None Contract – As above, but includes access to all classes including live classes. *30 day rolling membership 

    • Youth Membership- Access is only available 6am-9pm (last entry 8pm) weekdays and 8am-4pm (last entry 3pm) Saturday and 8am-12pm (last entry 11am) Sunday and must be accompanied at all times

    • Annual membership (including half annual)- This is a one-off payment that will be taken upon signup, once the specified time has subsidised the membership will automatically renew onto a rolling contract unless cancelled before. Normal 30 day cancellation policy will resume.

*30 Day rolling requires 30 days’ notice to cancel you will have 1 final payment within the 30-day period (This grants you 30 days access from this last payment)


  1. Fees and Membership Cancellation agreement

    • Your first payment is taken on the day of signup Via Debit/Credit Card.

    • Subsequent payments are taken 30 days after via Direct Debit and continue monthly.

    • Members who sign up to a contract option must complete their full 12-month term.  After the 12-month period your membership will convert to a standard 30-day rolling Membership.

    • 30 Day rolling members must give 1 month paid notice to terminate memberships.  Cancellations must be requested via

    • 14 days cooling off period does *apply

      • However if you signed up within club or have used the service at any point within the first 14 days the cooling off period no longer applies and 30 days notice with 1 final payment will still need be given.​

    • On acceptance of an application each member will be provided with a unique PIN number this PIN number must not be shared under any circumstance and can lead to memberships being revoked.

    • On completion of the application the member will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the rules.

    • All changes in membership details including address and health status must be communicated via

    • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.


  1. Out of Hours Access

    • Members must complete the steps outlined in the Out of Hour access email to gain access outside of staffed hours.

    • Unstaffed Hours are

9pm to 6am Weekdays

4pm to 8am Saturday
12pm to 6am Sunday

  1. General Use of Facilities

    • Members must complete a PARQ Questionnaire before commencing any activity at the facilities.

    • Members may not use the facilities whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs, anti-coagulants, vasoconstrictors, narcotics or tranquilizers.

  2. Sauna

    • Members must read the health and safety documentation located outside of the Saunas

    • Members must shower before and after using the Sauna.

    • Shaving is not permitted in the Sauna.

    • Eating is not permitted in the Sauna.

  3. Car Parking

    • Car parking is for I-Motion Gym users only.

    • Members park at there own risk I-Motion Gym is not liable for any damage, accidents or loss.

  4. Gymnasium

    • All gym users must have completed a PARQ Questionnaire.

    • Children under 16 are not permitted to use the Gym

    • Personal trainers other than those appointed by the centre are prohibited.

  5. Exercise Studios

    • Children under 16 years are not permitted to attend classes other than specified classes for children.

    • Exercise classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance; if the need to cancel arises, a minimum of 4 hours’ notice period is expected.

    • If members fail to attend a booked class on more than 1 occasion in a 7-day period booking privileges will be removed for that member for 1 week.

    • If a member is not on time for a class then their place will be given to the next member on the waiting list.  Places cannot be held as this delays the start of the class.

  6. Dress Codes

    • Appropriate footwear for the gym must be worn at all times.

    • Outdoor shoes/work boots are not permitted in the gym area.

    • Appropriate training clothing must be worn while training within the facilities. E.g. No Jeans

  7. Smoking

    • Please note smoking is not permitted in any part of the Centre.

  8. Lockers

    • For security reasons, lockers should be used for all personal belongings these can be found within the changing rooms and outside near the stairs.

    • Lockers are provided only for the duration of your visit and items left overnight will be removed on the following day and will be held at reception for no longer than 1 week.

    • Lost property – Any lost property found will be available for collection at the facilities. After 1-week items will no longer be kept and disposed of.

  9. Liability

    • I-Motion Gym’s liability for loss, damage or theft to members property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a direct result of negligence of I-Motion employees.

    • All members use the Centre at their own risk. I-Motion Gym cannot accept liability for any accident that may occur on the premises or within the grounds of the Gym with the exception of those accidents occurring as a direct result of a negligent act or omission by a I-Motion employee.

    • I-Motion reserve the right to refuse admittance to a member who is medically unfit.  All members are required to inform the Centre of any changes in health status.

  10. Members Conduct

    • Members who wilfully or negligently cause damage to the Centre facilities or equipment will be liable for the cost of repair.  We operate a Zero Tolerance Policy; Disorderly, rude, abusive or offensive behaviour to staff, instructors, contractors or other members may result in termination of membership.

    • Any dispute will be taken up with the management whose decision will be final.

  11. Termination of Membership

The management reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member. This shall be:

  • Without notice in the event of a member committing a serious breach of the Rules and Regulations.

  • By notice in writing if any sum owing by the member remains unpaid 1 month after date due for payment.

  • Under no circumstances will refunds be given to members who terminate memberships.

  1. General

    • Members and their guests must at all times observe the Rules and Regulations.  I-Motion Gym reserve the right to amend these rules and increase fees at any time and with 1 Months’ notice.

    • The Centre may withdraw all or part of the facilities for any period when required for any repair attention or maintenance work.

    • The Centre reserve the right to vary the opening times of the Centre Facilities.

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