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Carl Chatfield

Carl Chatfield
What’s your goal?... I can help you achieve it!

I’m a keen sportsman and my degree in Sports and Exercise Science has given me first class knowledge of how the body works allowing me to advise and guide you on your journey to achieve your goals.

I specialise in weight/fat loss, strength/muscle building, nutrition and improving athletic performance. Since 2016, in both Auckland, New Zealand and here in Stafford, I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their goals; from running their first ever 10k race to losing 3 stone of body mass; fixing postural issues to constantly achieving personal bests with the weights they lift. I love teaching people how to change their life and I love to see their results.

Your workout programmes will be fun and tailor made to suit you! Come and say hello to me in the gym and
let’s discuss your health and fitness aspirations for this year!

Tel: 07856 590177
Jordan Wingfield

Jordan Wingfield
I am a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer. I specialise in weight loss, building muscle and or muscle definition. I also offer nutritional advice and training programs to help motivate and steer my clients in the right direction and achieve their desired fitness goals.

From an early age I was always into sports. I was involved in racket sports and I’m a keen long distance runner. I regularly enter the Stafford 10k’s and half marathons for both local and national cancer charities. I have helped clients of all different ages, gender and medical conditions attain their goals.

During your free consultation, we can quickly design your road map for success. No matter what your goals are, we will do great. Let’s have fun on our journey together. Please pick up my business card for a free consultation.

Tel: 07539 774768
Ollie Greensill

Ollie Greensill
I joined the I-Motion team in June 2019 alongside studying Sports Therapy at university. Working in a gym environment and being around like-minded people has allowed me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the fitness/ health industry.

My passion for fitness grows each year. From competing nationally in sports such as Rugby, Running and Gymnastics I have always had a health orientated lifestyle. I spend most of my time training with the goal of completing an Ironman Triathlon within the next few years.

I feel like accepting the job at I-Motion was the correct step forward as it has presented a wider range of opportunities and has allowed me to progress with working in the sporting industry. After recently qualifying as a L3 Personal Trainer, I am excited to start applying my knowledge in practical situations with clients, positively influencing their fitness journey.

If you see me around the gym, feel free to approach me! Let’s have a chat.

Ollie Greensill

Tel: 07931 261466
Jed Davies

Jed Davies
A keen sportsman being involved in fitness playing semi-professional football from the age of 16, having spent the majority of my life around fitness and constantly finding myself in the gym I realised that it was the best occupation and lifestyle for me.

Recently completing level 2 and level 3 personal training with a level 3 diploma in sport, wanting to help and encourage individuals to fulfil the benefits and joys of living a healthy and fit life.

Wanting to learn every day and pass on knowledge, don’t hesitate to get in contact to have a chat.

Jed Davies

Tel: 07530 257903
Joel Harrison

Joel Harrison
I started working at I-Motion in June 2019 as a cleaner and admin clerk. Since then working at the gym has given me the opportunity to showcase my cleaning and organisational skills, which I picked up while working as a Senior Housekeeper for the NHS Midlands Partnership.

Working at I-Motion has allowed me to fully focus on my fitness goals. I can utilise all the amazing facilitates and equipment to their max and get expert advice from not just the amazing personal trainers, but also from regular members. Exercise has many benefits both physically and mentally and these gains have helped me become a more grounded and positive individual.

In my spare time I work as a freelance cleaner, either for agencies or for my own business, Harrison & Co cleaning service. So if you see me around don’t hesitate to say hello and if you want an NHS surgical standard of cleaning in either your home or business, ask for my number.

Joel Harrison

Tel: 07572 274593
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