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Fact 1: Myzone makes exercise fun!

Fact 2: Myzone is the world’s no. 1 fitness tracker!

Fact3: Myzone will help you stay more committed to exercise for longer!

Here is some information you will find useful…

What is a Myzone Belt?

A simple and small device attaches to a belt and worn around your torso to collect data of your heart rate. This data is transmitted from the device to your phone and or in-club TV. Your name, heart rate and other data is shown on a personal square called a ‘Tile’. Now you can see how hard you’re working!

How Myzone works?

Myzone uses a % of your maximum heart rate to place your effort within a coloured zone. For each minute in a particular colour zone, you are rewarded with effort points called MEP’s. Reaching 1300 MEP’s per month helps you earn status: Bronze Silver Gold and beyond.

Why are MEP’s important?

The World Health Organisation and UK guidelines suggest adults must exercise 75 minutes at a vigorous intensity or 150 minutes of moderate intensity or a combination of both across at least 2 days of the week for healthy heart and mind. This amount of exercise equates to 1300 MEP’s per month.

Your Myzone belt will measure your effort in MEP’s to ensure you meet the guidelines so you know you are getting the right amount and intensity of exercise each week / month.

How to get your Myzone belt?

Here at i-motion gym Rotherham, we offer a range of options from try before you buy (demo belts) to various membership packages where your belt is included free. Please speak to reception for details or sign up on-line now and get your belt straight away!

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