General Manager


I have always enjoyed training on my own and with others, so when I found myself at a crossroads wanting a change of a career, Personal Training was my first choice. I've been able to coach clients with a variety of goals including weight loss, strength, muscle building and coached at Power lifting meets.


I have been fortunate enough to compete and win at a competitive level in Power lifting taking home the British Championship and World Championship in the Amateur Power lifting Union 2018.


I've now been given the chance to progress my career further by becoming the General Manager which is giving me even more opportunity to develop in the industry I've a passion for. I look forward to where this takes me in the future.



Assistant Manager


From a young age I have always been passionate about health and fitness, this passion only grew stronger when I entered the gym environment. The things our bodies are capable of doing and how they overcome and adapt is astonishing. I then decided I wanted to dive deeper into this and share my knowledge and understanding with others.
In 2018 I decided to take the leap and train to become a personal trainer and ever since have continued to expand my knowledge in an ever changing environment, most recently qualifying in rehabilitating people that have suffered with COVID-19.
I love seeing the results people gain from exercise, both physically and mentally, so, if you see me around, don't hesitate to stop me and quiz me on any questions you may have. 



Personal Trainer


I started my journey at i-motion as a personal trainer, I have grown personally and professionally in the role and had the chance to work with some amazing people. 


I am also a fitness instructor at the gym, I teach Body Pump, Spin, Boot-camp and other functional classes. I love the buzz I get from teaching, feeling the energy from the members and working out with a group.


As a personal trainer I tend to work with people looking to lose weight. I have coached my clients through some of the most rewarding transformations, which is the reason I came into the industry originally.



Gym Services Team


I found my way into fitness through my own journey back to health, I joined the gym after the recommendation of a friend... I'm so glad I did. I got to where I wanted to be with my own health and fitness.

Deciding to go 'back to school' and making a complete career change to become a Personal Trainer this is something I am incredibly passionate about and is the reason I am now working within the Fitness Industry.

Connecting with others who are also working towards their own goals and personal journeys/transformations is the most rewarding aspect. While at i-motion I have also been on another journey and become one of the regular fitness instructors on the timetable. I now teach spin, LBT, Box Circuits and loads of others. Feel free to jump into one of my classes anytime.



Gym Services Team


Hi, I’m Tracy most of you will have seen me around the gym either training or cleaning, last year I qualified as a Personal Trainer as I’d decided after 30 years training, I wanted to help people with their training and help them achieve their goals or just improve their fitness.  

I’m 50 years old and fit, work hard and train hard I’ve a healthy attitude towards food that’s why I look like I do if you want results that’s what you have to do.

My least favourite word is “can’t” because until you try you will never know what you’re capable of!



Personal Trainer


I started the gym 3 years ago as I have a strong love for fitness, my journey has been tough. There has been many challenges along the way, but I embrace these challenges and succeed in the goals that I had set for myself, now I strive for bigger and better things.

It's great that I've been given the opportunity to start my apprenticeship as it will help me fulfil my dreams to become a personal trainer and also improve the knowledge I already have about fitness and nutrition.

I am looking forward to getting my qualifications to become a personal trainer so I can help other people with their fitness journey, and help them succeed at their goals no matter what stage they are at in their journey.



Gym Services Team


I applied for the apprentice position as I wanted to move away from the class room and get some real experience in the fitness industry. I am so glad I made that choice as  I have learned so much already in my time at i-motion, the staff and other instructors have helped me grow so much.

I love interacting with the members, especially the morning members, we often sit and have a coffee with them. I enjoy hearing the stories they have to tell and the fact that my role allows me to connect with people.  

When I started at i-motion, I used to shadow classes and have learnt a lot, I now teach 5 classes. I like to think I've took them on and made them my own, making the classes fun while challenging. I love to finish the class by playing a game and hope the members like them too. Now I've started I can't wait to get my qualification and start personal training. Come and have a chat with me anytime!