General Manager


I've been at I-Motion Gym in one capacity or another for many years, over this time I've been a Personal Trainer, Supplement shop owner, Assistant Manager and now my current role as the General Manager.  I've loved the opportunity to continue to develop my career, develop others and work with people from all walks of life.


I have been fortunate enough to compete and win at a competitive level in Power lifting taking home the British Championship and World Championship in the Amateur Power lifting Union 2018 and the British Squat record for 2018.  Outside of the fitness industry I love to hike, travel and spend time with the family.



Assistant Manager


From a young age I have always been passionate about health and fitness, this passion only grew stronger when I entered the gym environment. The things our bodies are capable of doing and how they overcome and adapt is astonishing. I then decided I wanted to dive deeper into this and share my knowledge and understanding with others.
In 2018 I decided to take the leap and train to become a personal trainer and ever since have continued to expand my knowledge in an ever changing environment, most recently qualifying in rehabilitating people that have suffered with COVID-19.
I love seeing the results people gain from exercise, both physically and mentally, so, if you see me around, don't hesitate to stop me and quiz me on any questions you may have. 



Personal Trainer


I started my journey at i-motion as a personal trainer, I have grown personally and professionally in the role and had the chance to work with some amazing people. 


I am also a fitness instructor at the gym, I teach Body Pump, Spin, Boot-camp and other functional classes. I love the buzz I get from teaching, feeling the energy from the members and working out with a group.


As a personal trainer I tend to work with people looking to lose weight. I have coached my clients through some of the most rewarding transformations, which is the reason I came into the industry originally.



Gym Services Team


Hi, I’m Tracy most of you will have seen me around the gym either training or cleaning, last year I qualified as a Personal Trainer as I’d decided after 30 years training, I wanted to help people with their training and help them achieve their goals or just improve their fitness.  

I’m 50 years old and fit, work hard and train hard I’ve a healthy attitude towards food that’s why I look like I do if you want results that’s what you have to do.

My least favourite word is “can’t” because until you try you will never know what you’re capable of!


Gym Services Team / Personal Trainer

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I have always had a strong love for fitness, whether this be in the gym, or out walking on the mountains in the peak district. My journey has been tough, I have faced many challenges along the way, however, I use these challenges to push myself even more and succeed in the goals I have set myself.

I am nearing the end of my apprenticeship here at I-motion, along the way I have met some great people and learnt a lot from them, not only helping me in my personal training career, but helping me build confidence as a person too.

As I am coming close to completing my apprenticeship I am looking forward to the challenges the next stage of my career will bring, and helping every single client I have succeed in the way that I have through fitness. If you have any questions regarding fitness, let me know when you see me around the gym and I will be more than happy to help you.

Hannah Atkinson

Gym Services Team / Personal Trainer

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Hi, my names Hannah and I am a qualified Personal Trainer and excited for my new adventure here at I-Motion Gym.  


Physical activity and fitness has always played a huge part of my life whether that was through sports clubs, like hockey and gymnastics, going to exercise classes with my mum, or now, in the gym and long distance running.


The main reason I wanted to become a Personal Trainer was to share my love towards fitness with others, being that a complete beginner who has never stepped into a gym before, or someone who just needs an extra pair of eyes on their session.


The main aim for me as a Personal Trainer is to ensure that others feel comfortable in their own skin as they build a Healthier Lifestyle Awareness.If you would like some more information you can email me at: hlafitness@yahoo.comor message me on Instagram at *HLA_FITNESS



Gym Services Team / Personal Trainer

I first started my fitness journey at the age of 4 playing tennis with my older brother, I went on to play for the under 14's Yorkshire team and then the England under 18's.


I first stepped into the gym at the age of 16 with my dad in hopes of improving my strength and fitness and instantly fell in love. I specialise mainly in strength and conditioning as this is a real passion of mine, however, I am able to focus on all parts of fitness.


I am always available for a chat, so if you see me around, don't hesitate to stop me and we can chat all things fitness (and tennis)