Personal Trainer

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Hi, my names Hannah and I am a qualified Personal Trainer and excited for my new adventure here at I-Motion Gym.

Physical activity and fitness has always played a huge part of my life whether that was through sports clubs, like hockey and gymnastics, going to exercise classes with my mum, or now, in the gym and long distance running.

The main reason I wanted to become a Personal Trainer was to share my love towards fitness with others, being that a complete beginner who has never stepped into a gym before, or someone who just needs an extra pair of eyes on their session.

The main aim for me as a Personal Trainer is to ensure that others feel comfortable in their own skin as they build a Healthier Lifestyle Awareness.

If you would like some more information you can email me at: hlafitness@yahoo.com
or message me on Instagram at *HLA_FITNESS


Personal Trainer


I have been training for many years and have ranged in styles throughout my fitness journey including dance, swimming, running and now weight training. My main aim when training is strength and to show other women that we too, can be strong. Training has been a huge part of my life and has helped me in many ways including gaining confidence.


I have worked at I-Motion for many years, I first started as an apprentice and have since become a fully qualified personal trainer. I teach a range of classes here including spin, X-FIT, SHRED and a weight training method class. Whilst teaching these classes, my confidence has grown hugely along with my love for fitness.

During my PT sessions, I main focus is weight training, using this to help my clients lose weight, gain muscle or both in one. I have found my approach has helped all of my clients reach the goals they are wanting to achieve. Showing people that weight training doesn’t always make you ‘big’ or ‘bulky’ is a huge motivator for me as a PT and I like to outline these in my sessions.

If you see me around the gym, please don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat, whether this is on fitness, help setting your goals or just a general chat.


Josh Bows

Personal Trainer

I first started my fitness journey at the age of 4 playing tennis with my older brother, I went on to play for the under 14's Yorkshire team and then the England under 18's.


I first stepped into the gym at the age of 16 with my dad in hopes of improving my strength and fitness and instantly fell in love. I specialise mainly in strength and conditioning as this is a real passion of mine, however, I am able to focus on all parts of fitness.


I am always available for a chat, so if you see me around, don't hesitate to stop me and we can chat all things fitness (and tennis)