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Personal Trainer

Hannah Updated.jpg

Hello, my name is Hannah and I have been a Personal Trainer here at I-Motion for over a year now and I am loving every second aiding people to feel stronger and improve their self esteem.

Over the last year I have worked with clients who have wanted to lose weight, get stronger, build muscle or someone who may just need that extra support within the gym environment.

Whatever your goal may be I will be determined to work alongside you so that we can reach this together!

Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I have expanded my knowledge through completing additional courses such as, Group indoor cycling, Level 3 Strength and Conditioning, Level 3 Working with Pre Pregnancy and Postnatal Clients.

I have always been into sports and fitness from a young age and I enjoy putting my knowledge I into my clients and the classes which I teach around the Gym.

My main goal as a Personal Trainer is to help people feel confident and comfortable both in and out of the gym whilst they build a Healthier Lifestyle Awareness.


If you have any enquires or see me around please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me, it doesn’t just have to be about Personal Training session, equally you can email me at: or message me on Facebook or Instagram at HLA FITNESS.

Empress Martin

Personal Trainer


Hi l'm Empress,

As a PT my goal is to give you quality sessions and fitness programs that are sustainable and fit into your life in a way that allows you to see results!

As an ex-GB and South Yorkshire athlete I plan to use my personal experiences and knowledge to guide and inform my clients in the right direction.

Work In Progress PT is about taking your health and fitness step-by-step, and knowing nothing happens overnight. It's a journey.

The hardest part of the journey is finding the motivation to start. I can be that extra push you need. Honestly, there is no better feeling than discovering the confidence to love and be yourself both inside and out.

If you wish to improve your confidence, fitness levels and enhance your physique then email me or approach me on the gym floor!

Ryan Jackson

Personal Trainer


Hey guys!


My name is Ryan and I am a Personal Trainer here at I-Motion Rotherham. Along side this, I also work as an Online Personal Trainer / Coach and compete within natural bodybuilding!


My love for training first started as a skinny 16 year old looking to gain some muscle. I was hooked from the first time I stepped inside of a gym. I loved the mental challenge, progression, and confidence it gave me!  After a couple of years of training, I decided to pursue my passion by studying Sports Science at Loughborough University. In 2022, I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree and shortly after started my online coaching business and personal training course.


I am driven by helping individuals fulfil their potential by providing them with the knowledge, motivation and accountability needed to succeed.  If you are looking for a personal trainer or online coach with the highest quality information and proven results, get in touch!

Harrison Smith

Personal Trainer


Over the last few years, training and physique enhancement has been the main focus in my life. After a year of business and media at A-level, I realised it was not my passion so I dropped out and hopped on a PT course. I have invested in several courses developing my knowledge, most recent being the J3U physique development coaching course, delving deeper into physique enhancement for competitive athletes.


Being involved in the process of others and watching people who I help feel proud of their hard work and feel more confident keeps my passion going.


Any questions at all, always happy to provide some value where i can so don't hesitate to come and have a chat!

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