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Chromium - Friday Nutrition With Jade

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

This weeks Friday nutrition with Jade we go over the benefits of Chromium in your diet and some healthy everyday sources.

Chromium improves your body's ability to convert your body's amino acids into muscle. A study showed taking 200 micrograms Chromium a day added 14% more muscle over a 24 week period, This test was done using weight lifters.

Here are some other benefits of chromium:

  • Improves insulin sensitivity

  • Enhances protein, carbohydrates

  • Lipid metabolism

  • Can help with weight loss

Natural sources of chromium;

  • Broccoli,

  • Potatoes,

  • Green beans,

  • Whole grains,

  • Milk and Dairy,

  • Fruits such as apple and bananas,

  • Beef and poultry,

Check back next week for more Nutrition with our Personal Trainer Jade Harris

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