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How speaking to someone independent can help with mental health and well-being

For starters, we all have mental health and how we experience life fluctuates and differs from person to person.

We could be predisposed to certain issues depending on our upbringing, genes and environment. Lots of things are situational though and can be made worse by our own thinking.

Whether you need a counsellor or coach is probably down to how long you might have been feeling not yourself.

Quite often though, we can become out of balance due to the demands and needs of others and forget to look after ourselves!

Speaking to someone on a level, without being judged, who genuinely wants to help you is priceless. Family and friends are not always able to listen and respond in ways that help and empower you. They know too much, give opinions and often say the dreaded ‘if I were you.'

A coach helps you work out what’s best for you, regardless of what others may think. I listen to everything you say and what you don’t say and will help you unpick what’s going on. If I’m not able to help, I’ll tell you. I’m honest and fairly direct and have your best interests at heart.

Some people I’ve coached have been in therapy for what they call ‘deeper issues’.

The funny thing is, I focus on them, not the issue. I’ve helped them deal with day to day concerns and offered a solution-based approach based on how they are ‘being’. This has gotten results quicker and enabled them to move forward.

There’s no dwelling on what’s happened before if that won’t help!

We don’t all need to dig down deep into history to sort out what’s happening in the now.

It’s most common that our happiness lies with how satisfied and fulfilled we feel in our home life, relationships/family, work, finances and free time.

It doesn’t take long when looking at the structure of your life to see where things are falling short. From here we work out how to change things up.

If we spend a prolonged period of time feeling stuck, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Our faulty thinking and patterns of behaviour keep us repeating the same things over again and we need help to change that.

The good news is, those things can be turned around and the sooner you address stuff the better.

I have helped countless people in 1-3 sessions with short term concerns. Things like decision making, bullying at work, struggling with weight, difficult relationships and lack of interest in work. The list is endless.

For people looking to achieve longer-term goals, create big visions or turn more deep-rooted issues around I offer a longer bespoke service.

Having a thinking partner not tied to your outcome but dedicated to your growth and well-being means you can honestly and openly challenge yourself and build resilience and confidence.

Along with coaching, I’ve been trialling moving meditation here at i-Motion. This movement class helps shift blocked energy in the body. Used with coaching it can be a step to understanding or releasing past trauma and healing it.

To know how I can help you increase your overall well-being and take charge of your life, I offer a discovery session, a free experience of coaching.

We don’t know each other, and as the coaching relationship is the most important factor in how successful it will be, it’s important to try it out. Where else do you get such 1-1 attention for free?

It’s free because I only work with people committed to helping themselves. If I help in the free session and you don’t need anything else, great!

If you’re a leader in your field or manage people it can really help you understand how you are being in the world. If you want more success it will require you to lead from the heart.

Our work is collaborative and begins wherever you are at. Let's talk and see what we can do!

Much love and gratitude


Find me on Facebook Yvette Fedorenko or Instagram @yvette_fedorenko_coaching or

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