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Josh Bows: Climbing Mountains for the Rotherham Hospice!

Yes, you read that right! In our first fundraiser of 2023, one of our trainers has taken up the challenge to climb the height of Mount Everest ENTIRELY on the Stairmaster to raise money for the Rotherham Hospice charity.

Our very own Josh Bows (who some of you may remember supporting last year) is taking up this challenge for a local charity that does amazing work giving care to adults with terminal illnesses.

Josh will have to climb an estimated 58,000 steps on the machine, totalling almost 9,000 meters in height. It will take him roughly 12-19 HOURS depending on what pace he can keep!

There will be other staff and members climbing alongside him throughout the day to give him some support; we know it would give him a huge boost if he had your support too. Please donate anything you can spare to the cause and help us raise as much money as possible.

Josh starts his journey on the 23rd of February, keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages to see how it goes!

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