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Maximise your workouts with MyZone

You've likely seen those screens dotted around the gym with a members name and how hard they're working and you might be wondering about the many benefits this little tracking device can give.

MyZone provides relevant statistics to help maximise your workout results from showing your level of effort via heart rate zones (Green, Yellow, Red) to how many calories you've burned all this is displayed within the clubs screens, on your phone and on compatible equipment within the gym.

You can use these stats to get a better idea on how hard you're pushing yourself if you're in yellow you're in the perfect calorie burning zone... Red? then you're nearing your limit and working as hard as you can be be. Need an idea of when you're rested and ready to go hard again? Wait until your heart rate recovers to Blue/Green.

Want to challenge each other? Then see your friends and gym buddies on the screen and give each other a push. You can also see friends via the MyZone app, share your workouts and even setup monthly challenges.

Need more motivation? Then you can achieve medals from being consistent with your use of your MyZone belt, again helping to hold you accountable and make things fun. We all like to pickup achievements.

We also regularly hold competitions with prizes to be won and an end of year prize to potentially win your own Club locker.

Please see the link and graphic below to see more benefits and if you'd like to try a belt before you buy we've a demo belt available just ask a member of staff. Once you're ready to buy pop to reception and we can sort you a discount code with up to £75 off!

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