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Resistance bands! What's all the fuss?

Resistance bands are a great addition to your exercise routines! The versatility of these bands mean that whether you are looking to build muscle, build on your strength or work on an old injury there is a band just for you! Why are there different colours?

The different colours account for different resistance, this way, with one set of bands, you can progress just like with dumbbells. So, what do I use them for?

Resistance bands have a variety of uses, including: Building strength- Each band exerts a particular amount of force on your muscles when stretched and can be used in both lower body and upper body training. To improve mobility- Resistance bands are a great way to help you improve your flexibility, but you can also use them to improve joint mobility. Rehabilitation- Bands have proven themselves to be essential for aiding recovery, especially in the hip, shoulder and knee areas. Weightlifting- Wrapped around the ends of a weight bar, they make exercises more challenging so you can level up your one rep max, equally, they can be used with dumbbells for a similar reason. Pull ups- Bands have been helping people gain the ability to do pull ups for a long long time, looping the band around the pull up bar, then popping your feet or knees on the inside gives you the extra support to finally achieve these. Want to use them in your workouts? Ask us at reception, we now have resistance bands back at the gym, let us know you're wanting to use them and we will grab them for you Unsure on how to use them correctly? Ask us at reception for helpful tips, or keep an eye on our social media pages as we will shortly be posting more and more about resistance bands.

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