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SHRED Cycle 2 Workshops

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

We know many of you already love our High Intensity SHRED class which has had great success this month.

We're now moving onto Season 2 which starts next Wednesday we've a new format and will be introducing some new movements to the workout to; 1 continue to challenge you and 2 develop your exercise and movement capabilities. It's gonna be tough, but it'll be worth it!

As we'll be introducing new movements some won't be familiar with we'll be holding 2 Workshops to prepare you and we'd love you to come along. You'll again have a further 4 weeks to push yourselves, improve and master these new movements.

Be the best you can be!

Workshop 1 With Tasha - Monday 4th of October 5.30PM

Workshop 2 With Matt - Tuesday 5th of October 6.30AM

New Cycle Starts Wednesday 6th 5.30PM

Team I-Motion

Move More, Be Happy

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