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Step it up, why steps are important

Doing daily steps is the perfect thing to add into your routine. You can reach your step goal by going on a daily walk, this doesn't have to be an hour of walking, it can be 20 minutes, an hour, whatever you can fit in. There are so many benefits from have a daily walk, such as

-improved mental health,

-maintaining a healthy weight,

-improves cardiovascular fitness,

-increases energy levels

-strengthens your immune system.

The recommended daily steps is around 10,000, but this can vary person to person , as not everyone has an active lifestyle/job, for example people with a desk job may find it difficult to hit 10,000 steps a day compared to someone who has an active job, e.g a postman.

So set yourself a step goal, and let today be the day your future self thanks you for.

If you would like to become one of my clients please get in contact with me either on Instagram @jade_louise_fitness or through my email, to book your FREE consultation.

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