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Welcome your new Assistant Manager

Michael Earnshaw

Hi, My name is Michael, some of you may have seen me around before either working or training, for those who haven't, I am now your new Assistant Manager. I have been a qualified personal trainer for many years now and when the opportunity arose to take the next step up in my career I snatched at it with both hands. One of my main focus points as the assistant manager, along with all the other staff here, is the members and how I can help you achieve the goals you are wanting to whilst enjoying exercise and enjoying the fantastic environment that this gym offers. Outside of the gym I am your typical 24 year old, I love football, golf and obviously the pub (this helps to drown my sorrows after watching my football team get relegated every 2 seasons) I'm a Rotherham fan in case you are wondering who I mean by this. I am always up for a chat, whether this is about exercise or anything in general so just grab me when you see me around and I'll be more than happy to have a chat. Want to know more ? follow me on my socials below where there is lots about me, my exercise journey and tips and tricks about exercise.

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