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Why MyZone?

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Over the past several months, we've had the opportunity to connect with many of you—personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, group fitness instructors, athletes—all MYZONE heart rate wearable technology users and all hardworking individuals with health & fitness goals!

The questions that have come up and the conversations we've had with you have given us the opportunity to reflect on why we stand behind MYZONE, both as trainers and exercisers.

In no particular order, here are the top four reasons why MYZONE is a wearable technology that we love:

MYZONE rewards all fitness levels

Our workouts are sacred to us. For some of us, exercising is our therapy, our happy place, our “me” time. We want everyone to feel as accomplished after a workout as we do (we know some of you out there might not love working out—but hopefully you enjoy the results!). That's why we are thrilled that MYZONE rewards EVERYONE, from first-time exercisers to seasoned MEPs challenge winners, from exercisers with weight loss goals to athletes training for their next competition.

MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) put us all on the same playing field, so everyone can play based on their personal fitness level. By rewarding us based on our relative intensity (% of maximal heart rate), we can have friendly challenges within and across fitness facilities, gauge the intensity of our workouts, and strive for our personal best using our wearable technology.

MYZONE inspires intelligent conversation & fitness education

MYZONE doesn’t just give us immediate feedback on what’s happening to our heart during our workout—it provides a detailed history of our workouts that is accessible to us, our trainers, and our social connections. There's something quite brilliant about having our workouts on display for us, as well as shared with other exercisers and trainers using MYZONE. Whether it's on your MYZONE tile on display at your club, your recent moves on your MYZONE app, or the workout history your trainer is able to access—people are talking about heart rate training with MYZONE.

The community around MYZONE sparks some fantastic questions and conversations. For instance:

"I'm working really hard during my resistance training workouts, but MYZONE shows that my heart rate is only in the BLUE zone. Am I working hard enough?" - This type of question allows us as trainers to explain some of the differences between muscular fitness training and cardio/aerobic training.

"Everyone in my class is getting up into the RED zone and recovering to GREEN within a minute, except for me! Why isn’t my heart rate doing the same?!" - It sounds like this person might benefit from some information on heart rate recovery—there's a blog post for that!

By making exercisers aware of their heart’s response to exercise, MYZONE allows us to ask questions and teach each other. We can then tailor exercise intensity based on our goals. As a result, we become smarter exercisers and achieve our goals!

MYZONE sparks new social connections

We're digging the Social Connections function on our MYZONE app! How cool is it to interact with and see workouts from other exercisers around the world?!

On days when we might feel like skipping a workout, there’s a whole community of MYZONE users who are making exercise a priority and getting it done! Talk about motivating, right?! Plus, we're getting new workout ideas from MYZONE users all the time and are excited to challenge our bodies and minds with new routines!

MYZONE's wearable technology holds us accountable

MYZONE provides many avenues for accountability and it rewards us when we reach our goals. Ways we can monitor our progress include:

  • Setting Personal Goals in our MYZONE accounts

  • Moving up to the next MYZONE status (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, & Hall of Fame)

  • Participating in challenges with our club and/or MYZONE social connections

  • Snapping photos of our workouts and food to have a visual diary of our efforts over time

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