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Why you should get a massage

Guest post by Amanda at Hidden Paradise

Mental health and wellbeing

These last few years have been challenging with the Covid pandemic and been in lockdown for so long not seeing the ones we love. So we are suffering with our mental health and wellbeing more than ever before. Aside from the physical benefits massage therapy also provides numerous mental and emotional benefits.

Improves sleep

Massage has been proven to improve sleep patterns in adults that suffer from insomnia , fibromyalgia, migraines and a lot more. It can actually force the body to relax, pulling muscles smooth and long again causing an increase in blood circulation. These send signals to the brain that telling it to relax.

Relieves symptoms of depression

If you have depression massage therapy probably

wont cure your condition but it may help relieve

the physical symptoms associated with it. For

example massage may help alleviate sluggishness,

back pain, joint pain, muscle aches and fatigue.

Promotes feeling of wellbeing and connection

Lowers stress levels

Massage lowers the heart rate, respiratory

rate, and blood pressure, boosts the immune

system and generally decreases the effects of


Feel fresh and energized

Massage will help to improve a healthy circulatory

system, facilitate detoxification and lymphatic

drainage. When we feel less energetic our body's

can struggle to maintain health. Adding massage

to regular routines can support greater well being

and provide the opportunity for more energy.

Hence you are less stressed, sleep better, have

greater mental clarity your body can operate at its

peak performance no matter what the season.

Naturally increase serotonin and dopamine (feel

good hormones)

Massage lowers stress levels, decreases anxiety

and reduces irritability.

Calms the mind

Amanda @ Hidden Paradise come and see me and have a chat I'm based upstairs within I-Motion Gym Rotherham.

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