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Smart Start 30 day new member programme


Smart Start card

This is simple and handy loyalty card that guides you through your first month at the club. It helps you stay on track and records your attendance to ensure you are rewarded with discounts and your third month free.

You have to complete a number of activities in your first 30 days and we record them on your card every visit. When complete, we sign it off and you are rewarded with your 3rd month free.

Staff will guide you through the card during your Meet & Greet.

Free Orientation

This is a complementary service usually conducted after the Meet and Greet. It is an informal tour of the club that takes approximately 2 - 3 minutes. One of our reception staff will guide you through the key areas within the gym to help you settle in as quickly as possible.

Chill & Chat

This is a great opportunity for members to take advantage of some complementary professional time from one of our highly skilled Personal Trainers. This can be taken there and then if staff are available or can be booked in the diary for a future date.

The session should last 15 - 20 minutes max. The content is usually health and or fitness related and is ideal for the novice or gym pro who want some sound professional advice.

Complementary PT Vouchers

Each new member is entitled to 2 free PT vouchers. These are issued during the Meet and Greet when you collect your access PIN for the gym. Members are required to book with reception to use their PT vouchers.

Each voucher entitles the member to a 'workout'. The duration and content of the session is the discretion of the PT but will usually not exceed 30 minutes. Vouchers can be used back to back. All sessions will involve the use of Myzone technology for enjoyment and to ensure your safety during these early sessions.


Our gyms are fully integrated and affiliated Myzone outlets.

Myzone is a fun and accurate way to measure your effort in workouts. MyZone monitors and records heart rate, intensity (effort) and calorie expenditure then displays this on the screen in your studio where multiple participants can be seen incl. the instructor. Data is collected and turned into MyZone Effort Points (MEP's) so members can complete internally for leader board status or externally with other clubs. A great way to boost your workout enjoyment and effort.

Myzone products can be purchased through the club. We also have a collection of demo / loan belts available for temporary use.

Gym Activities

All gym activities where the member uses PT Vouchers or simply trains outside of Group X classes are considered appropriate for Smart Start. This would include general weight training or cardio in the gym. Gate access and visual by our staff member is necessary for endorsement of your Smart Start card.

Group X

We have a vast array of classes on our Group X timetable. Many of these will be used in conjunction with the Myzone technology. All classes that feature on the Group X timetable and which the member pre-books on the booking calendar either via the app, website or at reception are recordable on the Smart Start card.

Personal Training

Having professional support and guidance can make the world of difference to the success of your fitness journey. Personal Training is a great decision to commit and drastically improve your health and fitness. From bespoke training programmes to tailored nutrition plans, expect outstanding results in a shorter amount of time.

We have a small team of dedicated and experienced Personal Trainers, all with their own personal story just like you. Their contact details and personal bio’s can be found on the PT board at reception or on our website.

Personal Training can be taken solo, in pairs or as part of a small team. We can even introduce you to someone to 'buddy up with'.

If you are in any way unsure of which PT to approach, please contact reception.
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