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i8 Power Tower Helionova 9600w stand up beds
i8 Power Tower Helionova 9600w stand up bed


Here at Tanning in Motion you can come and enjoy our latest i8 Power Tower Helionova 9600w stand up beds. These have 48 tube in total making sure you get the perfect tan. The beds have the latest smart controls which offer fan speeds for cooling along with speakers for your entertainment.

Whether it’s an all year round tan, a pre holiday base, vitamin D boost or you simply want to look good for that special occasion, a tan has never been more accessible find us on the first floor of I-Motion.

UV light is the best source of Vitamin D - a sunbed session in our salon is a controlled dose of UV for those able to tan. Our high powered stand up beds not only provide you with a deep long lasting tan but our Cosmedico Rubio tube’s have the perfectly balanced spectrum of UV and red light for smooth skin & a beautiful tan. It’s balanced spectral distribution improves direct pigmentation by up to 50%.
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