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Health declaration

Members have their own individual level of experience when it comes to exercising

Read the Health declaration

At i-motion gym, we understand that our members are individuals and choose to use the amenities at our club in different ways. We strive to keep our facilities Up to date by consistently adding to and changing equipment we provide, and we are constantly working to ensure that our club is safe and maintained to the highest standard.

Members have their own individual level of experience when it comes to exercising. They each have responsibility for their own health, and exercise always carries its own risks. For these reasons, we do not enforce a formal induction on all equipment prior to use of the club - we give our members the choice as to the level of instruction they receive, and when this takes place, dependent on their needs. The exception to this rule is for youth memberships where youths will be required to carry out a scheduled induction during the start of their membership.


I-motion gym staff are available at scheduled times to answer any questions members may have, to offer advice and to demonstrate how equipment should be used. With this in mind, we ask our members to declare their commitment to using the facilities at

i-motiongym safely.

As a member, you must:
1. Only use equipment you know how to use safely. If you are unsure, seek advice from one of the i-motion gym team.


2. Make yourself aware of any rules and instructions as to how to use equipment,
including all warning notices displayed, and follow them. This includes engaging all
available safety features prior to use.

3. Exercise only within your capabilities and take care for you own safety.


4. You should always consult your GP before exercising. Tell us if you have a medical condition which may impact on your ability to exercise safely. We can help design a programme which is appropriate for you.


5. Let one of the i-motion gym team know immediately if you feel unwell while exercising. We have first aid equipment and trained staff on site at all times to assist.


I declare that I will follow the guidelines above when using the facilities at i-motion gym


Our key terms

The following is a summary of the most important points of the terms and conditions of membership. We strongly recommend that you take the time to read and understand the full terms and conditions before you complete your application.


Our relationship with you
As the lead member you are responsible for your own safety and anyone else linked to your membership (youth member/s), including paying their fees.

Length of membership
Annual membership - your membership lasts for at least 12 calendar months..

Monthly membership - your membership lasts for at least 1 full month and carries on after that unless you give us 1 calendar months paid notice.

Membership fees
You can pay annually in advance or monthly by direct debit. Cancelling your direct debit does not end your membership - We can increase membership fees automatically each year by a certain amount linked to inflation. If we plan to increase fees by more than that amount we will let you know in advance and give you the option to cancel.

Ending your membership early
In some cases you can end your membership early if you are ill, lose your job or move house or if we increase your fees by more than a certain amount or if we significantly reduce the facilities at your club.

Your right to cancel
You can cancel your membership by emailing us at -Terms Below apply.

Full Terms & Conditions



To help you get the best out of i-motiongym and to understand our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us, please read these terms and conditions. Please remember that if you sign up to any of our online facilities or groups, extra terms and conditions may apply.

The language we use should make these terms and conditions as clear as possible. If you have any questions, a member of our team at your club will be happy to help you. To help make these terms and conditions easy to read, we have split them into two parts.

• Part A – terms and conditions of membership

All members must keep to the same terms and conditions, including youth members whose application form has been signed on their behalf by an appointed guardian.

• Part B – specific terms and conditions of youth membership

Parents/legal guardians and linked youth members must follow the youth specific terms and conditions.

• Part C – rules and regulations for using i-motiongym and it’s facilities

These terms and conditions apply to all our members, their guests and walk in guests of the club. They are necessary to make sure we can offer an enjoyable and safe environment for you, your guests and our other members/guests to share during every visit to your club.

These terms and conditions apply at all times and take priority over anything a member of our team has told you.

These terms and conditions replace any previous versions.


Definitions that apply to part A

You – the lead member

Linked member – Youths who are linked to your membership

We and us – i-motiongym

Your club – the i-motiongym Club which you have applied to join


Responsibilities of lead members and linked members

Every person who signs the membership application will be jointly and individually responsible under this agreement.

All of these terms and conditions of membership apply to you and all linked members unless we tell you otherwise.

You and all linked members must keep to the rules and regulations for using facilities set out in Part B.



We calculate your membership in whole months. This means that the following applies.

• Anywhere in these terms and conditions where we ask you to give notice of one calendar month or more, if you give notice after your direct debit date, we will treat it as if we received it on the date of your direct debit and the notice period will run from that day. For example, if you joined the gym on the 20th of a month and need to give us one month’s notice to end your membership and we receive your notice on 23rd May, your notice will start from 20th June and will run out on 20th  July. You will pay one more direct debit (on 20th June) after giving notice.

• There are no exceptions to this rule. For example, if you give us notice on 23rd May, your membership will end on 23rd July and you will not have to pay any more direct debits after 23rd June.

If you want to give notice, it must be in writing and emailed to: If you need to give us evidence of certain things, you can provide them as attachments to an email. Cancellation requests may only be made via email.

Your notice is not effective until we have received it. We strongly advise that when you give notice you get proof that we have received it. For example, if you send us your notice by email, ask for a delivery receipt or confirmation email that the i-motiongym team has received it.

We will confirm we have received your notice within 10 days of receiving it. If you do not receive this confirmation within 10 days, you must immediately let us know so we can check whether we have received it. Our contact details are on the website.

From time to time we will need to contact you about your membership, so it is important you let us know if your address, contact phone number or email address changes.

If we need to give notice to you:

• it will be effective if we send it to the address or email address we have in the records we hold about you; and

• if we give notice during a month, our notice period will run from the date of notice.

Membership categories

You are entitled to use the facilities available under your category of membership. Your club will give you information about the range of facilities available to you and when you can use them. Each category of membership may have certain restrictions which only apply to that category of membership. We will tell you about these restrictions when you join or when you change your category of membership, whichever applies. You can also get details from our website.

We may choose to stop providing certain categories. If this is the case and you are a new member or an existing member, you will not be able to take advantage of these categories unless they become available.

If applicable, we will need a signed liability waiver form from the person who has parental or legal guardian responsibility for your youth before they can use the club’s facilities. When a youth turns 16, they will become an independent adult member and will need to sign a new agreement in their own right. If you continue to pay the young person’s membership, you should also sign the young person’s agreement. We have the right to limit the number of youth’s linked to an adult’s membership.

If you have a disability which means you need someone to help you use the facilities at your club, you can link your assistant to your membership or sign them in as a guest. You will not have to pay a fee. However, the assistant can only use the facilities to help you.

Membership types and length of membership

  • Gym Only Contract – Access to all Gym areas, 24 Hour access and Sauna access. 12 Month Based Contract - No Classes

  • Gym Only None Contract – Access to all Gym areas, 24-hour access and Sauna access. 30 day rolling membership - No Classes

  • Max Membership Contract – As above, but includes access to all classes including live classes. 12 Month Based Contract

  • Max Membership None Contract – As above, but includes access to all classes including live classes. 30 day rolling membership 

  • Youth Membership Contract – Limited access to Gym areas, Access between the hours 6am – 6pm weekdays and 8am to 3pm weekends.  No Sauna access. Limited Classes. 12 Month Based Contract

  • Youth Membership None Contract – Limited access to Gym areas, Access between the hours 6am – 6pm weekdays and 8am to 3pm weekends.  No Sauna access. - Limited Classes. 30 day rolling membership

Your membership will begin on the day when you make your membership application.

Starting your membership

You may have to pay a joining fee when you apply for membership.

On acceptance of an application and during sign up, each member will have created a username and password which will be used for the i-motiongym app. This app must not be shared under any circumstance and can lead to memberships being revoked.

When you and anyone linked to your membership join, you will each need to have your photograph taken. This is to allow us to check your identity when you enter your club. The photograph can be done at your club or in app.

Membership fees

Your first payment is taken on the day of sign-up Via Debit/Credit Card. If you have purchased a non-contract monthly membership, subsequent payments will be taken 30 days after, via Direct Debit and continue monthly. Members who sign up to a contract option must complete their full 12-month term. After the 12-month period your membership will convert to a standard 30-day rolling Membership.

*Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable

14 Day Cooling Off Period

You are entitled to a full refund off your initial signup fee within your first 14 days of signing up with us.  However please note if you signed up within club or have used the services within these 14 days this does NOT apply and you will be subject to normal cancellation procedures of 30 days notice and 1 final payment.

Membership i-motiongym App

During the sign up process, you will be required to create a password for your account. Once you have signed up successfully, an email will be sent with your log in details for the i-motiongym app. You can find the i-motiongym app in the Apple app store or Google Play store (search i-motiongym). Download the app and log in using your email and the password you created during the sign up process.. The app is required for access to the club, using the QR code that is generated in app. All aspects of your membership, including booking classes can be done via the app.

Your membership is personal to you and you cannot transfer it to another person. If another person uses your membership app or pin, we have the right to end your membership. No refund will be given.


Changing your membership categories and linked members

We realize that your needs can change over time, so you can apply to change your membership category by contacting us. You can only change your membership category after the end of your initial period that you have signed up for.


You can introduce guests to the club. You must:

• sign in any guests at reception

• make sure the guests are aware of, and keep to, our rules and regulations set out in ‘Part B – rules and regulations for using facilities’; and

• stay with the guests at all times

Guests must pay the appropriate fee to use the facilities at the club and you can get details of the guest fees from a member of the i-motion gym team.

Suspending your membership

For annual members, you can suspend your membership for a single period of between one and six calendar months within any twelve month period.

If you want to suspend your membership you will need to let us know in writing by email.

You must make sure that your club has received the membership suspension request. As the suspension will not take effect until we have received the email, we strongly advise that you get proof that we have received it.

We will confirm, in writing via email, that we have received this form and the date when the suspension will begin. If you do not receive this confirmation within 10 days, you must immediately let us know.

You will not be able to enter the club while your membership is suspended. If we find that you are using the facilities while your membership is suspended, your membership will immediately restart and you must pay any appropriate membership fees that are due for the period while your membership was suspended.

If you suspend your membership and the suspension starts during your initial period, we will extend the initial period by the total period that your membership was suspended. Your membership will automatically restart at the end of the suspension. Suspending your membership is not the same as ending your membership.

Ending your membership

If you would like to end your membership, you must email to give your notice. 30 days notice is required to cancel your membership. You must continue to pay your membership fees until your membership ends. Your membership will end at the end of your notice period.

You can end the membership of individual linked youths by giving us 30 days notice.

Cancelling your membership

We will not tolerate our staff or other members being verbally abused or intimidated or being physically threatened. If we find this to be the case, we have the right to report you to the police, to ban you immediately from the club. We may also cancel your entire membership in the following circumstances.

• If you or a linked member breaks or repeatedly breaks this membership agreement or the club rules (on website and in club entrance) and you do not or cannot put it right within seven days of us writing to you about it.

• If, with your knowledge or permission, another person uses your membership app or code to get into the club.

• If, with a linked member’s knowledge or permission, another person uses that linked member’s membership app or code to get into the club.

• If you, your linked member or your guest uses rude or abusive language or behaves or threatens to behave in a violent or aggressive way at i-motiongym.

• If, for a period of longer than 12 calendar months, neither you nor any linked member uses any club facilities.

If we receive any complaint about your behaviour or that of a linked member at  i-motiongym persistently behaving inappropriately, or if we believe that your continued membership (or that of a linked member) is not in the interests of other members of your club, we have the right to suspend your entire membership.

If you do not pay your membership fee when it is due, we will write to you to let you know. If you are paying by direct debit, we will try to take this payment from your account again later in the month. If that is unsuccessful, but your direct debit instruction is still in force, we will try to take payment again in the following month for the payment you have missed and the amount due for the current month.

We may refer any missed payments, including any future payments that are due as part of your contract (for example, payments you owe for the rest of an initial period or notice period), to a debt- collection agency.

If you do not pay for your membership, we may prevent you and any linked members from entering the club. This does not mean we will end your membership.

Cancelling your direct debit does not mean you have given us notice to end your membership. You must give us written notice via email.

Changing your membership fees and this agreement

We may increase membership fees automatically each year by up to either 1% above the rate of inflation according to the Retail Prices Index or 3%, whichever is higher.

If we plan to increase the membership fees by more than the higher of these amounts, we will make every reasonable effort to give you at least one month’s notice. We will give you notice of the change by writing to you via email and by displaying a sign on the noticeboard in your club.

As well as the increase described above, we have the right to increase membership fees at any time to take account of any increase in the rate of VAT. We will make every reasonable effort to give you one month’s notice of the increase (either in writing or by displaying a sign on the noticeboard in your club).

We may transfer our rights or obligations (or both) under this agreement, or subcontract our obligations under it, to another organisation without giving you notice and you will continue as a member. If the other organisation fails to provide the same (or equivalent) facilities and services we provided, you may end your membership by giving them notice in writing.

Making changes to your club or its facilities, services and activities

If we decide to change the location of your club or to close it permanently the following will apply.

• We will make every reasonable effort to give you at least three months’ notice of the change or closure (either in writing via email or by displaying a sign on the noticeboard in your club).

We have the right to increase, reduce or withdraw certain facilities, services or activities in i-motiongym either permanently or temporarily (for example, to carry out cleaning, repairs, maintenance or security work).

If we decide to permanently withdraw the whole of the indoor gym from your club, we will make every reasonable effort to give you one month’s notice in writing.

If we decide to make any other change to the facilities, services and activities available at your club, we will give you notice by displaying the notice on your club’s noticeboard if this is reasonably possible.

We will display details of the opening and closing times for your club at reception. Opening times may vary during the Christmas period and on other bank holidays. We will let you know about these temporary changes on your club’s noticeboard. We will try to give you at least one month’s notice if we reduce the opening hours of your club.


We are committed to making sure our members are satisfied with the service we provide, but we are realistic enough to know that things don’t go according to plan all the time. If you or your guests have a complaint, we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we may fully investigate it and sort the matter out.

If you have a complaint, you should first tell a member of staff at your club. If you are not satisfied with their response, you should contact the manager on duty at your club. If you are still not satisfied, you should contact the general manager at your club.


We do not accept liability for damage or loss to your property or a guest’s property that may happen on the premises or within the grounds of your club 

We do not accept liability for the injury or death of any member, youth or guest that may happen on the premises or within the grounds of the club.




All youth members must have a linked adult member who is their parent or legal Guardian accompanying the youth member into the club, to take full responsibility for them (their “Guardian”).

Youth members may only be brought into the fitness club if accompanied by their Guardian and under direct supervision of their Guardian at all times, unless the youth member is involved in a qualifying organized youth activity.

Youth membership times of entry are:

  • Mon – Fri: 6am – 18:00pm

  • Sat – Sun: 8am – 18:00pm

Youth members must treat other i-motion gym members with respect.

Youth members must behave at all times. Horseplay will not be tolerated for the sake of health & safety and other i-motion gym members.

Guardians must ensure that youths are appropriately dressed


Youth members are not permitted to use the gym without being accompanied and supervised by their parent or legal guardian. 

Youth members may use equipment under the supervision of their parent or legal guardian provided they take part in the relevant youth induction and only use the equipment covered in that induction.

Youth members must listen and comply with any instructions from the i-motion gym team.


Youth members may only attend the group exercise classes marked for youth friendly participation only.


All youth members must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian whilst using the toilet, showers and changing room facilities.

Youth members are not permitted to use the sauna at any time.

Youth members are permitted to use the disabled toilet by the member lounge unaccompanied only



Definitions that apply to part B

You – any person using the club facilities under your membership

We and us – i-motiongym

Your club – the i-motiongym club which you have applied to join

General health and safety

We do not allow animals (except for assistance dogs) in the club.

To protect the safety of all members and guests, you must pay particular attention to all signs relating to health and safety in our clubs. If you do not understand a notice or sign please ask one of our team members at the club.

Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the club. If there is a fire or if you hear the fire alarm, you should make your way out of the club through the nearest possible exit to the advertised assembly point in the car park.

If you suffer an accident or injury on our premises, you must report it and the circumstances under which it happened to the senior manager on duty immediately.

For legal and health reasons, you must not smoke while using any of the club facilities.

You should not use the club if you have an infectious illness or condition.

You should not use the club if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any other substance that may jeopardize the safety of yourself and other members of the club.


Car park

You are only entitled to use the club car park while you are using the club facilities. You must park only in the spaces in our car park. If you do not have a disabled badge you must not park in the spaces reserved for disabled badge holders. You must not park in spaces reserved for staff.

We do not guarantee that car parking is available at our club.

You park in the car park at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any loss or damage to your car, or personal belongings in it, while you are parked in our car park.

Sauna room

You must at all times follow the sauna rules and guidelines displayed in the club. Youths are not allowed to use the sauna at any time.


You bring all personal belongings to the club at your own risk. We do not accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

If you leave your belongings in a locker overnight, we have the right without notice to remove your belongings. You can claim the belongings we have removed from the club reception for up to two weeks after we remove them. After this time, we will not be responsible for the belongings.

If you find lost property, you must hand it into the club reception immediately. The club noticeboard will show the times when you can pick up lost property from reception. We will hold items for three weeks only before giving them to charity.

Gym and fitness facilities

Our aim is to make you feel better, and we try to make this as much fun as possible. We know that everyone has different aims, levels of skill, tolerance and fitness. Every moment you spend with one of our team is designed to focus on your needs.

Before you start using the gym or fitness equipment, we will ask you to read a health commitment statement. If you feel the need for a supervised gym induction session with one of our qualified fitness team, please contact a member of the team to book in an appointment.

Only qualified fitness trainers will set you an exercise programme. We fully support the European Register of Exercise Professionals and all of our qualified team will either be on the register or will have applied to be on it.

If you have concerns about your physical condition, you must not do strenuous physical activities without first getting medical advice.

To make sure you get the most from every activity that you do at the club in the safest possible way, you should always make sure that you warm up properly and take time to cool down after your activity.

You should not take part in any physical activity that you may not be fit for. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition during physical activity.

You should tell the general manager or a member of the i-motiongym team when you join about anything that is relevant to your physical condition. You should continue to keep this information up to date throughout your membership.

You are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition. If you suffer any unusual symptoms, you must immediately stop the activity and tell a member of the i-motiongym team.

Dress Code

Appropriate footwear for the gym must be worn at all times. Outdoor shoes, work boots and sandles are not permitted in the gym area.

Appropriate training clothing must be worn while training within the facilities. E.g. No Jeans


Exercise classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance; if the need to cancel arises, a minimum of 4 hours’ notice period is expected.

If members fail to attend a booked class on more than 1 occasion in a 7-day period booking privileges will be removed for that member for 1 week.

If a member is not on time for a class then their place will be given to the next member on the waiting list. Places cannot be held as this delays the start of the class.


Additional Services

Additional services available at the Gym including personal training sessions and any therapies or treatments do not form part of this Contract and these Terms do not apply to them.

The personal trainers available at the club are self-employed and not Our employees and any personal training sessions provided by such personal trainers shall be under a contract between You and them. For the avoidance of doubt, we shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of such personal trainers (whether negligent or otherwise) and any loss or damage which you suffer as a result.


Photographs and videos

You may take photographs and video recordings in your club for your own personal use provided that you keep to these rules and any extra rules displayed at your club.

You must not take photographs or videos of any children under 18 other than your own.

Anyone who appears in your photographs or videos must be aware that you are filming them and you must get their permission first.

You must not take photographs or video recordings in a changing area,  sauna or toilet.

If another member is unhappy that you are filming them and makes a complaint to us, we may ask you to show us any images which you have taken in the club and to delete them if appropriate.

If a member of our team asks you to stop filming or taking photographs you must do so.

Terms and Conditions: About Us
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