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Not just one new timetable... But TWO?!?

The wait is finally over, our official release of our new timetable (well two new timetables) So, what's new? Well, other than the fact we now have 2 timetables, we have added new classes like Mixed boxing with Dan on Thursday evenings and Saturday morning and Yoga with Greta on a Monday morning and Thursday afternoon. We have also listened to your feedback and have moved a few times here and there with some classes being replaced with others.

Our timetable is bigger than ever, with more variety and caters to those unusual shift patterns a lot of our members have by adding virtual classes on in the afternoons. Our virtual classes are all LesMills, who are hugely successful at the delivery of top quality classes.

We have also changed our signature classes, SHRED, around a little and added a SHRED class for those that may feel they are not ready for the high intensity of our usual SHRED classes just yet. If you have any questions regarding the timetable, please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you aren't on the Max package and are interested in taking part in the classes, please speak to a member of staff and we can get you booked in on a free trial.

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