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Push, Pull, legs FREE Workout

Our latest program helps you get into the shape you desired whether that's to tone up or build some quality muscle this workout is for you! Based on the classic training principle of Push, Pull, Legs hitting all the major muscle groups with just 3 days per week and should take less than an hour to complete each day. Don't forget those protein shakes!

All levels can follow along from beginner to veteran and will help you get ready for Summer. More programmes are on the way so keep an eye within the Membr app and signup to our blog to be the first to take part.

The great thing is all our workouts are FREE to our members and built into the I-Motion Gym App you can follow along with expertly created video content showing you exactly what to do, how many sets/reps and even the ability to log your workout as you go. Just follow our little video guide below on how to access your first programme and begin the journey to a better you today!

We'd love it if you could tag I-Motion Gym on your social media if you follow along with any of our workouts.

If you struggle with any of the exercises and would like further in depth guidance please speak with one of our Personal Trainers in club or request a call back here

Also, if you're not currently a member we offer a FREE day pass for your first visit to Rotherham's premier Gym.

I-Motion Gym We're More than Just a Gym

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